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Parent Handbook 2018

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Principal’s Message

Welcome to Riverton Primary School.

At Riverton Primary School we have a clear focus on improving student learning outcomes. Teachers and support staff work together making thoughtful decisions to ensure we are focussing on the right work to improve learning for students.

We prioritise supporting student learning above administrative tasks. Support staff work closely with teachers to ensure any intervention is planned by the teacher to address the learning needs of individuals or groups of students to meet DECD standards.

We are part of the Lower Mid North B-12 Local Education Partnership (referred to al LMN). We have clearly aligned our pedagogic improvement work to the partnership focus on Visible Learning (John Hattie), with the Riverton Primary School work being specifically on Learning Intention and Success Criteria through Reading.

As the Principal, I have two firm beliefs that I take with me into any role as an educational leader. The first is that a critical aspect of a good learning environment is that all people should want to attend and it is the responsibility of myself and my staff to ensure the ways that we work create a welcoming and caring learning environment. The second is that the best learning is hard work and we need to ensure each learner (student) is rigorously challenged to extend their learning every day. I apply these two beliefs to myself as well as expect them of my staff and students.

I also expect RESPECT from everyone within the school environment. Even when we disagree we can be respectful of each other. We have a good level of respect between students, staff, parents and the community at Riverton Primary School.

I have worked as a Primary School Counsellor in a number of schools in the Elizabeth and Gawler area, worked as Principal at three schools before Riverton Primary School. I have also worked in the DECD corporate sector as a curriculum leader, with new teachers, working with school data and in human resources. I have strong networks of educator colleagues across DECD and in other jurisdictions across Australia.

I am passionate about improving the learning outcomes for all learners I have responsibility for and feel very fortunate to be working at a job that I love.

Kind regards,
Cheryl Glenie M.Ed., B.Ed., Dip.T.
Principal, Riverton Primary School

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