Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to Riverton Primary School.

At Riverton Primary School we have a clear focus on ensuring student and staff wellbeing so we can better improve student learning outcomes. Teachers and support staff work in teams making thoughtful decisions to ensure we are focussing on the right work to improve the learning of all students. We prioritise supporting student learning above administrative tasks.

Our 2021 External School Review states:

The Principal leads a culture where high expectations are set across the school. …

Staff reported a collaborative approach to training and development and were using evidence-based research to further develop and improve their practice in a cycle of continuous improvement. There is strong evidence that student voice is valued at Riverton Primary School and children are central to decision-making ESR report Feb 2021, p3.

Riverton Primary School is a welcoming, safe, supportive and student centred school with a strong sense of pride from the staff, students and community. The school is responsive to data, with the staff engaging in collaborative practices including mentoring, team teaching and reflective conversations. Clear structures are in place to manage issues impacting on student learning, behaviour and wellbeing. Students are engaged and able to confidently talk about their learning in an informed manner. ESR report Feb 2021, p8.

Riverton Primary School is part of the Lower Mid North B-12 Local Education Partnership. We have clearly aligned our pedagogic improvement work across the partnership with a focus on Visible Learning (John Hattie). From January 2019 until December 2021, Riverton Primary School is focussing on improving numeracy achievement.

As Principal of Riverton Primary School, I lead the school in a collaborative manner building on strengths of staff and students, within a culture of trust and high expectations. We also enjoy each other’s company.

The core business of a school leader, is to create a learning environment that has a balance of safe conditions for learning, rigorous intellectual challenge and lots of fun, to enable all learners to achieve their personal best.

My teachers are supported to provide quality differentiated learning experiences that focus on what students need to know next, as they ensure students have solid foundation skills in literacy and numeracy.

I expect RESPECT to and from everyone within the school. Even when we disagree we can be respectful of each other. We enjoy a good level of respect between students, staff, parents and the wider community.

I lead with a relentless focus on building strong learners.

Kind regards,
Cheryl Glenie M.Ed., B.Ed., Dip.T.
Principal, Riverton Primary School

April 2021

"We are learning on Ngadjuri Country"
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