Student Leadership

Student Representative Council (SRC)

Riverton Primary School has a Senior SRC and a Junior SRC. Each SRC meets regularly either weekly or fortnightly. Classes elects 2 representatives for a semester. A job and person specification is provided for all students wishing to nominate for SRC. Years 3 – 7 need to prepare and present speeches and then be voted in by class members. Staff will oversee the process and elections.

SRC is chaired by the school captains. SRC discuss issues raised in class meetings and help to make proposals and recommendations to the school principal.

SRC meetings are managed by School Captains. Meeting times will be negotiated and at different times each week. SRC reps can be removed from office for inappropriate behaviour. Badges will be presented to students at the induction assembly.

School Captains

At the beginning of the school year students take part in a democratic process to elect school captains. We will have 2 school captains from year 6. Students wishing to stand for this position present a speech at a whole school assembly, and students from Year 3-6 are able to cast a vote. The successful candidates receive a badge at a special induction assembly. They then have the responsibility during the year of chairing the SRC, representing the school at various functions, welcoming, presenting and thanking visitors to the school and demonstrate our school values.

House Captains

At Riverton Primary School, a house system has long been established. Students are allocated to a house when they start school, and all children within a family will be in the same house.

The houses are:

  • ACACIA – Yellow
  • BANSKIA – Green

Students represent their houses for such events as sports day, swimming carnival, and lunchtime competitions including house football and netball.

Captains and vice-captains are elected for each house from Year 7 at the start of each school year. Students willing to stand for the position present speeches to their house and students from Years 3-7 in their house cast a vote. Their role is to lead their teams through organising participation in events, encouraging sportsmanship and leading by example. If there are insufficient Year 7’s to fill the positions required, then the positions are offered to Year 6 students.

Student Agency into Pedagogy

As a school we take what our students tell us, both formally and informally, about how to improve their learning seriously. Over the past few years, after looking at student opinion survey data (often collected from Teaching for Effective Learning survey questions) our student leaders including school captains, SRC and Ticket of Leave students have provided us with the following advice:

  • Student leaders know staff believe that listening to what students think is important, but staff need to listen more.
  • Ensure all students have growth mindsets.
  • Worksheets are not good learning, students want hard maths that includes a lot of hands on activities and challenging thinking tasks.
  • Students do not need rewards for doing what is expected of students who are good learners.

Ticket of Leave

Ticket of Leave

(PDF, 240KB)

Afternoon Tea with the Principal

In 2020, the principal began meeting with students who do not have an official student leadership role. We want to hear the voices of as many different students as possible. During afternoon tea students are asked questions relevant to our site improvement plan and pedagogic improvement work. Afternoon tea takes place during recess time, twice term with 2 students from each class.

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