Governing Council

School Governance

Our school is governed by an eleven member Governing Council that works together with the principal to help set and monitor improvement plan directions. Governing Council within department requirement members:

  • reflect the views of the broader parent body to set the broad strategic direction for learning improvement of the school
  • consult with the school community to inform policies for the safety, welfare and behaviour management of students
  • regularly review the budget of the school
  • report to the school community and the Minister for Education.

The school principal works with governing council to:

  • provide educational leadership
  • ensure all site policies are compliant with department expectations
  • operationalise the site improvement plan.

The Governing Council meet twice a term to report on activities under the following headings:

  • Business Arising
  • Principals Report
  • Finance Report
  • Staff Report
  • Grounds and Assets
  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Parents and Friends
  • General Business

All parents and caregivers are welcome to attend and contribute to the Governing Council meetings, however, only elected members may vote on motions.

To find out more about the role of governing councils in schools visit

Contact the school for further information about joining the Riverton Primary School Governing Council.

Governing Council Constitution

(PDF, 370KB)

P&F Standing Orders

(PDF, 208KB)

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